Behind every successful Original Equipment Manufacturer is a reliable partner: a partner dedicated to manufacturing cost-effective quality parts - on time, every time.

When it comes to metal-parts fabrication, Teknik Metro is a reliable partner to dozens of industry giants.

  At Teknik Metro, we manufacture high-quality precision metal products with an outstanding lot acceptance rate. Along with dependable packaging, and a host of services from design assistance to assembly, our clients count on us to meet all of their metal component needs.

  Our reliability stems from over 30 years of experience. The TEKNIK METRO Group began operating successful metal stamping plants in South East Asia back in 1981.

  Then in 1995, to reduce delivery lead time and optimize pricing, Teknik Metro was established in Johor Bahru at the southernmost tip of Peninsular Malaysia. This ideal location is in the midst of major land, sea and air ports. With Singapore just 30 minutes away, Teknik Metro draws on some of the most advanced metal-engineering technology and expertise in the world.

  Since our incorporation, we prided ourselves in being a totally committed supporting industry providing highly precision tools, machinery and products for a diverse range of industries including:

• Electronics
• Computer
• Telecommunication
• Automotive including GPS systems
• Audio / video
• Medical industries